The East Sussex Warm Home Check Service keeping you warm and well at home.

Our free Warm Home Check service is available all year round. Find out more about how the service can help you during the current COVID-19 outbreak and apply for the Warm Home Check service now.  

Living in a cold home can harm your health. It can make a range of health conditions worse, such as breathing and heart problems, and asthma in children. It can also impact on your mental wellbeing.

You don’t have to sit at home wrapped in blankets to keep the cold away – follow our thrifty winter tips to keep your house warm this winter. Find out if you can get a free Warm Home Check. This visit can help with the little things like changing your gas or electricity supplier so that your bills are lower, small repairs to heating or loans of heating equipment, and installing draft excluders and for some people it can help get access to with more expensive items such as free or reduced-cost replacement boilers or heating systems.

If you know of a family with young children, an older person or someone with health difficulties who feels cold at home and is on a low income, then let them know about this free service.

From handy tips and DIY hints to details about grants and winter payments, this site will provide you with information and support to help you keep warm and well this winter for less.


What We Do

Find out our Top Tips to keep warm and well at home.

There are lots of small “Do it Yourself” tasks you can do at home to keep warm. Find out more here

Our free Warm Home Check Service can help you get ready for winter. Get in contact now.

The Warm Home Check service is here to help.

We all know it is important to help our homes keep us warm.

The free Warm Home Check service can help with a range of possible measures to help, such as boiler service and repair, radiator panels or better controls for your heating and radiators. Our reliable assessors and contractors will know which ones are best for your home and fit them safely for you.

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