Warm Home Check service privacy notice



The Warm Home Check Service provides home improvements for energy efficiency and advice on keeping warm and well to the residents of East Sussex. RetrofitWorks delivers the Warm Home Check Service under a contract with East Sussex County Council.

Citizens Advice checks individual eligibility for the Warm Home Check Service, provides advice to clients of the service and refers them for home improvements to RetrofitWorks under a sub-contract with the company.

Both organisations take data protection seriously. Be assured that your information will be used appropriately in line with data protection legislation, will be stored securely and will not be processed unless the requirements for fair and lawful processing are met. It will not be processed outside the EU.

How your information is used

RetrofitWorks collects and stores personal data about clients, including their special category data, to enable it to confirm their eligibility for the Warm Home Check Service and deliver home improvements. It shares anonymised information about clients of the service with East Sussex County Council for the purposes of monitoring and evaluation.

Citizens Advice collects and stores personal data about clients, including their special category data, to enable it to confirm their eligibility for the Warm Home Check Service and provide wider advice. Citizens Advice shares client information with RetrofitWorks only with the client’s consent and to enable RetrofitWorks to deliver its part of the service.

RetrofitWorks records a client’s information to better understand their needs and provide a better Warm Home Check Service – in particular to:

  • maintain service records
  • improve its services


Citizens Advice collects and uses information about a client to help solve their problems, improve its services and tackle wider issues in society that affect people’s lives.

When RetrofitWorks and Citizens Advice record information they:

  • only access it when it has a good reason
  • only share what is necessary and relevant
  • do not sell it to commercial organisations


First and foremost, a client’s information is used by Citizens advice to check eligibility for the Warm Home Check Service, provide wider advice and make referrals to RetrofitWorks. Citizens Advice also uses information anonymously to understand how different problems are affecting society and to take action to tackle these problems. As this is used for research it is kept separate from a client’s case record.

Where a client has given Citizens Advice their permission and contact details, it, or in some instances a trusted research partner, may contact the client to ask for feedback on the service they received and their overall experience of Citizens Advice.

The legal basis for processing your information

RetrofitWorks will ask for a client’s consent to record and store their data for the purposes of providing the Warm Home Check Service.

Citizens Advice records and stores a client’s data because it has a ‘legitimate interest’ to do so for the purposes of providing them with the Warm Home Check Service, wider advice and carrying out research. Citizens Advice shares data with RetrofitWorks under a formal agreement.

When Citizens Advice asks for special category information about a client, for example, information about a health condition, it will need to get the client’s consent. This is because this information is treated in a special way by the law.

A client can always withdraw their consent and request that RetrofitWorks or Citizens Advice remove their information.

Where your information is stored

RetrofitWorks has in place suitable electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard the information provided and prevent unauthorised access.

Citizens Advice will store the information provided securely in an electronic case management system used jointly by all Citizens Advice and on a secure database shared with RetrofitWorks. We are all responsible for keeping the information safe. We will make sure any information is stored securely and only accessed when there is a good reason.


How long your information will be kept for

RetrofitWorks keeps records for 6 years. Citizens Advice keep records for 6 years. It may keep records for 16 years if the advice given could have serious consequences if it was not stored for a longer period.

Sharing your data

RetrofitWorks will only share a client’s information with another party with their permission. Citizens Advice will only share a client’s information with another party with their permission, unless required to do so by law or in some very limited situations, for example, to protect a client or someone else from serious harm.

Your rights

You can contact RetrofitWorks or Citizens Advice and ask us:

  • what information we have stored about you and get a copy to keep
  • to change or update your information
  • to delete your information from our records or withdraw your consent
  • to stop using your information


If you have any questions about how your information is collected or used, you can contact us at:

RetrofitWorks, Block A, Unit 233, Riverside Business Centre, London SW18 4UQ.

Citizens Advice, Magnet Centre, 1 Christ Church Courtyard, London Road, St. Leonards-On-Sea, TN37 6GL

This notice can be found at: www.warmeastsussex.org.uk

If you are not happy with how we have used your information, you can contact us at:


You can also contact the Information Commissioner’s Office to raise a concern about how we have used your information using the following:


0303 123 1113