Free up the warmth

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Free up the warmth

Follow these tips to keep your home warm in cold weather and save money.

Bleed your radiator

If there’s trapped air in the space meant for hot water,  your radiator won’t be as efficient as it should be. Trapped air can build up over a winter so it’s worth checking radiators throughout your home at least once a year. Bleeding a radiator is a simple job and can take as little as 10 minutes. You can seek professional help or, if you feel confident, check out this step-by-step guide.

Make the best use of heating controls

Using heating controls effectively will make the best use of your boiler. If you have a heating programmer or timer this can be used to set the heating to turn on and off at certain times of the day to suit your household’s lifestyle.

Keeping areas of the house where you spend more time warmer than those you use less can help save money. However, very cold rooms in your house suck the heat away from warmer areas, making it harder to maintain a constant temperature in each area of the home. By keeping a low level of heat in unused rooms you can help your heating to work more effectively and prevent damp. There is a helpful advice leaflet available from the Centre for Sustainable Energy which explains this in more detail.

thermostatic radiator valve

TOP TIP – If your radiators have TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves), turn them to around 5 in the rooms you use most. Set the TRVs to around 2 in the rooms you use less, and keep the doors closed.

Reflect the heat

Radiators placed on external walls can lose heat to the outside rather than circulating in the room. Radiator reflectors, also known as radiator foils, go between the back of the radiator and the wall to reduce the amount of heat being absorbed by the external wall and escaping outside your home. Radiator reflectors are available from DIY stores and online. They help to keep the heat in and could save you money too.

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