Warm Home Check service stories

Linda, East Hoathly

Picture of Linda in front of her home with new double glazing

Linda from East Hoathly was helped by the Warm Home Check service in 2021. Linda’s house, which was built around 1900, still had many original features including single glazed windows.  During the cold snap earlier in the year, Linda began to feel unwell and was found to be suffering from hypothermia as her home was not warm enough.

Once she had recovered, Linda was visited by an energy advisor who established that she was eligible for funding from the government’s Green Homes Grant to have new double glazing installed to replace the existing draughty and inefficient windows. Linda is delighted with the results and said:

“To say I am thrilled with them is an understatement.  The house feels lighter and brighter, and I am hopeful of a much warmer winter.”

Frederick, St Leonards-on-Sea

Picture of Frederick with thumbs up

Frederick was helped by the Warm Home Check service in 2020. Frederick has a number of health issues which have left him vulnerable to the cold, and his flat was difficult and expensive to heat. Following a visit from an energy advisor, it was established that Frederick was eligible for energy efficiency measures including the installation of a new central heating system with thermostatic radiator valves, and cavity wall insulation. Frederick was delighted with the results and said:

“It’s fantastic. When you go in now there’s such a difference. I used to sit with a blanket round me. Even with the electric fire on I’d sit under a blanket. Now it’s so lovely.”

Following the work Frederick’s bills are cheaper and he no longer has breathing difficulties from the cold inside his flat. Frederick said:

“I have trouble breathing. Now I don’t need to go into a cold flat and not be able to get my breath. It’s like walking into fairyland.”

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