Energy saving advice


Energy saving advice

The Warm Home Check service offers energy saving advice to help you save and keep warm.

Switching is easy

It is easy to put off switching energy provider, but did you know that if you haven’t switched for a while you could save hundreds of pounds, even if you are on a prepayment metre?

The Warm Home Check Service is here to help you switch and save

Make small changes at home to save £££

Energy efficiency means using less energy for the same activity.

Doing things to improve energy efficiency in your home is an important way of reducing your energy costs and your carbon emissions – friendly for your wallet and the planet!

Other organisations and sources of advice

The Energy Saving Trust is an organisation that helps people save energy every day. They are independent and impartial, so the advice they provide is just about helping you to make informed decisions about managing the energy efficiency of your home. Take a look at the extensive home energy efficiency pages on their website. .

The Centre for Sustainable Energy also has lots of detailed advice and helpful factsheets on their energy advice website.

Simple Energy Advice provides government endorsed advice personalised to your home.

Your local council may have energy saving advice and services that are specific to where you live.

Most energy suppliers have an advice service for their customers. Contact your supplier to find out what services they could offer.

Find out our Top Tips to keep warm and well at home.

There are lots of small “Do it Yourself” tasks you can do at home to keep warm. Find out more here

Our free Warm Home Check Service can help you get ready for winter. Get in contact now.

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