Winter home check


Winter home check service

If you struggle to afford the energy you need to keep warm and well in your home, you may be eligible for a free Winter Home Check.

Our free Winter Home Check service is available all year round and includes:

  1. A full assessment of your home and how best to keep it warm
  2. Small preventative works such as improving insulation or repairing boilers
  3. Emergency temporary heating
  4. Advice on getting help with the cost of heating your home.

Installation of replacement boilers, central heating systems or home insulation is also possible subject to eligibility and limited availability.

man repairing boiler

How to apply

This service is funded by East Sussex County Council and provided by Osborne Energy. Phone free on 0800 085 1674 to arrange a visit, or fill out the online application form.

Who can apply

If you’re on a low income and have a long term health condition or disability, or are on certain benefits, you can apply for a Winter Home Check. You’ll also need to own your own home or rent it privately.

Full details about who can apply are provided below, but if you’re not sure whether you could have a Winter Home Check please call us to talk it through or to find out about other help that might be available.

If you’re renting your home then the owner’s permission may be needed in situations where you qualify for certain improvement works. The Winter Home Check service will offer to talk to your landlord to make these arrangements.

If you’re a social housing tenant (in a council or housing association home) and you need advice or support about keeping warm at home then please contact your landlord.

Full eligibility details

For this free service you need to:

Own your own property or rent it privately (in East Sussex) and have the owner’s permission to do the work.


a) be on a gross income of less than £16,010 a year and be:
either diagnosed with a long term condition
or living with a diagnosed disability


b) be receiving one of the following benefits:
– Pension Credit
– Child Tax Credit (and your income is £16,010 or less)
– Working Tax Credit (and your income is £16,010 or less) – plus one of the extra conditions below
– Universal Credit (and you earned £1,250 or less after tax in any assessment period in last 12 months) – plus one of the extra conditions below
– Income Support – plus one of the extra conditions below
– Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance – plus one of the extra conditions below
– Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) – plus one of the extra conditions below.

Extra conditions:
For certain benefits, one of the following must also apply:
• You get Child Tax Credit and your child’s disabled
• You get Disabled Child Premium
• You get Disability Premium
• You get Pensioner Premium
• You receive a work-related activity or support component – if you’re claiming income related ESA
• You’re 60 or over – if you’re claiming Working Tax Credit
• You get a limited capability for work or work-related activity element – if you’re claiming Universal Credit
• You get Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment – if claiming Universal Credit
• You’re responsible for a child under 16 (or under 20 if they’re in education or training)
• Your household includes five or more family members
• An individual in the household is living with a diagnosed long-term condition.

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